“Progetto Pilota”, Maccheroni Goal’s new concept store

by: Maddalena Abello

Progetto Pilota, il progetto di tesi in Interior design di Maddalena Abello


IAAD. Torino


Interior design


Maddalena Abello, alumna IAAD. del corso in Interior design

Maddalena Abello

Maddalena graduated in interior design with honors from IAAD in Turin in 2022. At the end of the study period she collaborated with OfficineMultiplo; meanwhile she won a scholarship participating in an international contest at Elisava in Barcelona. Starting from September she will start a master in retail design that will be for her an important opportunity of growth towards an authentic and international vision of design. 
She considers herself a proactive person and for this reason she has been working on personal projects related to products, graphics and communication because she believes that the interior (her primary orientation) should include and welcome every kind of design.

In an increasingly rushed society, feeding in a correct manner is never simple and obvious. Maccheroni Goal is the answer to those who feel like having to compromise between rapid service, quality and cost of the product; a fresh, healthy and instagrammable formula, addressed to a young and sportive audience. The brand offers the best quality of the italian traditional cuisine with the goal of being not only a restaurant, but a real lifestyle. Scalable, adaptable, recognizable, are the priorities.The creative design is applied in order to put the message before the image of the brand, aiming to make the company a lovemark recognized and appreciated all over the world. The spatial elements have been selected and studied in order to change the perception of the spectator, to discover a world, the sportive one, at first sight years and light away from that of the restoration.

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