Tuition Fees

Find out how much it costs to study in IAAD.

The tuition fees for Undergraduate Courses in IAAD. are built on criteria such as solidarity and fairness and based on the economic conditions of students, aimed to protect the most disadvantaged situations.

IAAD. tuition fees are available to Italian students and living in EU, who want to enroll in our Undergraduate Courses.

Foreign students (EU) or italian students living abroad

IAAD. tuition fees for foreign students living in EU or Italian students residing abroad and/or with income produced abroad, whose family includes people without a fiscal code issued by the tax office, are determined using the ISEE PARIFICATO index.

In order to know the income bracket for international students (EU) or Italian students residing abroad who can’t use the calculation of ISEEU/ISEE in accordance with current legislation, please read the “ISEE PARIFICATO” section.

ISEEU Parificato

The ISEE PARIFICATO is used when it’s not possible to calculate the ISEEU because there isn’t income produced in Italy.

To receive the ISEEU parificato, students with income and/or assets abroad can contact a CAF (Fiscal Assistance Center) of their choise.

ISEEU parificato can be presented by:

  • Italian students living abroad;
  • foreign students belonging from a country in the EU and residing in Italy with an income less than € 6.500 (non-autonomous students) and with their family living abroad;
  • foreign students coming from a country in the EU with their family residing (totally or partially) in their origin country with income and assets produced exclusively abroad.

All international students (EU) who don’t present the ISEEU parificato documentation within the terms will automatically be considered in the maximum income bracket and will pay the related tuition fee.

In order to receive the ISEEU parificato certificate the students must show, in addition to the documentation related to any income and assets produced in Italy, also the documentation related to income and assets produced abroad by each member or the family.

This documentation must be issued by the authorities of the country in which the assets and income have been produced, legalized and translated into Italian by the Italian diplomatic mission competent for the territory.

For countries where can be difficult to obtain the certificate, the documentation can be requested from the foreign diplomatic or consular representations in Italy and legalized by the Prefectures (art. 33 of the Presidential Decree n. 445 of December 28th, 2000).

For foreign students coming from countries in condition of particular poverty, as indicated by current legislation, the assessment of the income requirement is carried out on the basis of the documentation produced by the Italian Representation in the country of origin that certifies that the student does not belong to a family with known high income and high social level (DPCM 9/4/2001).

Once the certificate has been obtained, the student will have to send a copy of the ISSEU parificato certificate issued by the CAF via email to the Guidance Office with a copy of the documentation used to issue the certificate.


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If you need further information about financial aid available in IAAD., please contact our Guidance Offices in Turin and Bologna:

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+39 051 6390656