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MASTER IN Transportation



Start date:

NOVEMber 2022


16 months

IAAD. department of “Car Body Architecture” first in Italy opened in Turin in 1978. Since 2008 it is entitled in memory of Andrea Pininfarina. The Master Program in Transportation design deals with the study of the main means of transport with a focus on mobility systems and environmental sustainability.

IAAD. department of “Car Body Architecture” first in Italy opened in Turin in 1978. Since 2008 it is entitled in memory of Andrea Pininfarina.
The Master Program in Transportation design deals with the study of the main means of transport with a focus on mobility systems and environmental sustainability.


Start date: November 2022
Duration: 16 months
Language: English
Campus: Turin
Strategic Director: Luca Borgogno
Coordinators: Dario Olivero and Luca Bar


The IAAD. Transportation design department offers two Master Programs in Transportation Design:

Both Masters are structured in a Preliminary Module – which both courses have in common – of about 6 months in which specific Transportation Design skills and tools are taught and a Master Module of about 10 months oriented to the different areas of design.

Educational Objectives

IAAD. has always had the goal of providing an innovative approach to training. The best way to become a professional in transportation design is being trained to learn from experts in the field. Thanks to this insight, IAAD. is the first Italian school of higher education specializing in transportation design.

The design work carried out in collaboration with IAAD. partner companies allows students to put into practice what they study in an environment very similar to what they will encounter in the professional field.

One of the hallmarks of the IAAD. method is the constant collaboration with leading companies in the sector for the realization of common projects. Making both the needs of partner companies and training objectives converge in projects creates a doubly favorable situation, aspiring designers have the opportunity to learn with industry leaders and these can monitor future talents to be included in their companies.

This system also allows students to simulate working conditions in a professional context: working with precise deadlines, correcting work in progress following customer feedback, working in teams and objectives. During the Masters great importance is given to presentations and design contests, students are encouraged to make presentations of their work, supported in participating in national and international competitions.

In this process, professors are key figures who represent the link between IAAD. and industry. 

All professors are professionals in their respective fields of teaching, they know the companies in the sector and they know what young designers need to be competitive in the market.

Students find in the Professors a valid reference to improve and understand which aspects of their professional skills must be refined to enter the world of work as main players.

Master’s Program

Preliminary Module

Preliminary Module is aimed at the transmission of analytical skills, technical and design specifications of the Transportation Design and is common to both the Master programmes.

Master Module – Automotive and Interaction Design

The objective of the Master Module is to give a complete insight of the Transportation design profession and give a complete preparation for the students to successfully enter the design world.

The educational program will give a full and extensive overview and experience of all the latest technical achievements, design trends and environmental aspects, in order to help students fully understand and apply these skills in their professional approach. Studying with professional designers and participating in projects with partner companies will stimulate the students’ creativity and give them a real life insight and experience of the design process which prepares them for their professional career.

Graduates of the Transportation Design Master course will be able to creatively contribute to the design society, find solutions to transportation and mobility challenges and experiment with multiple approaches and techniques to achieve the optimal solutions. Their skills, gained through their educational program, will enable them to visualize and represent anything they imagine through ideation, proposals and presentation. Their refined sensitivity of form language, the knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes, past and contemporary design trends will allow them to broaden their vision  and foresee future design thinking.

Graduates will collaborate and discuss design solutions, defend and promote their fresh approaches. The Master course of Transportation Design will prepare students to be creative members of the design society, giving them the capability to adapt to the ever changing technical evolution of the car industry.

The traditional design visions need to be revised in order to integrate new social trends and technical approaches such as sustainability, car sharing, alternative propulsion systems and autonomous driving.

Master Module – Motorcycle and Personal Mobility

The Master aims to respond to the ever growing demand of the sector to include young designers in its teams, capable of understanding and interpreting the continuous changes affecting the “two-wheeler” industry, first of all the generational change from “petrol heads” to “digital natives” who appear to have rediscovered interest on the subject, according to new and different life-style, new social awareness, together with the always alive need of freedom that characterize this activity.

Design wise a new approach is needed especially in reference to phenomena such as the electrification of vehicles, urban “bike sharing” and the growing diffusion of “light vehicles” such as e-bikes but also “slow vehicles” such as electrical kick scooter and personal devices, increasingly used in synergy with the car or as an alternative to public transport.

Requirements and Admission Procedures

Preliminary Module

Graduates in Industrial Design, Automotive Engineering and related subjects, holders of a postgraduate diploma in Industrial and Transportation Design and candidates who have gained significant professional experience in the field of transportation can access the Preliminary Module. Admission is subject to the assessment of the application, to be submitted by letter of application, curriculum vitae and portfolio. IAAD. reserves the right to request the candidates, if necessary, an interview in person or via videocall.

Master Module

Access to the Master Module from Preliminary is subject to the attainment of 60 credits of Preliminary Module.

For the attainment of 60 credits, students will be required to develop a project-work to be presented in the final stage of the Preliminary Module and must have an English language certificate of at least B2 level.

Students can customize their curricula with participation in contests, seminars or workshops to collect additional credits necessary for obtaining the Preliminary Module.

Graduates in Transportation Design or who have gained significant experience in the Transportation Design or modelling can apply for direct admission to the Master Module. 

Admission to the course is in both cases possible only with the approval of the Coordinator of the course based on the assessment of academic qualifications, professional resume and portfolio.


Applications have to contain these documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover Letter
  • Portfolio

The Master Coordinator, assisted by an academic board will evaluate the  candidacies received.

IAAD. reserves the right to ask the candidate, when deemed necessary, an additional interview at the head office or via videocall. The result of the application will be communicated by the Career Guidance Office to each candidate.


IAAD. supports students with scholarships to partially cover the costs of attending the Master’s course and with subsidized loans to continue their studies.

Please note that the number of available scholarships is always lower than the number of requests, so it is important to bear in mind that most scholarships are granted on the basis of the Commission’s evaluation of a series of main requirements, including:

  • personal portfolio
  • educational background / qualifications
  • professional experiences

The Evaluation Committee will award the available scholarships based on its irrevocable decision.

IAAD. offers five scholarships which cover 50% of the attendance fee.

Scholarships will be awarded to candidates who have received by email the official communication of eligibility for the attendance of the course.



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