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Laboratories / IAAD. Computer Labs

The Turin campus includes classrooms equipped with networked PCs and many basic and specialized software applications. They are mainly used during lessons, exercises and exams.

The laboratories must be used in compliance with safety standards and according to the configurations, characteristics and limits present.

LIMITS to the use of electrical outlets for laptops:

It is strictly prohibited to use the electrical outlets in the Computer Labs that are designed exclusively for PCs and room equipment. Use of these outlets can cause serious harm to students. Therefore their use is forbidden by the supervision staff and will be immediately reported to the teacher present in the Lab.


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tel. + 39 011 652 2701

EDISU – Piedmont regional body for the right to university study

EDISU Piedmont was established by the regional law of March 18, 1992 n.16 (later modified with regional law of September 29, 2014 n.10) with the aim of facilitating access to and continuation of university studies for capable and deserving students, by the powers attributed to the Italian legislator to the State, Regions and Universities in the subject of the right to university study (Legislative Decree 68/2012).

Students enrolled in undergraduate courses can check the requirements presented in the EDISU announcement which is published annually on the institution’s website in July.

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University residences:

Accommodation service

Being an off-site student requires you to fully focus on your commitment to school, without have to thinki about finding a place to stay.
IAAD. supports off-site students in the search for housing solutions and/or temporary accommodation, in addition to the university residences option.
This service shares contacts and references so that students can find accommodation to match their preferences and others to share housing with.

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Erasmus +

ERASMUS+ is the EU programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport initiated in January 2014. The second seven-year program started in 2020 and will continue to 2027.

Erasmus Policy Statement – Overall Strategy

IAAD.’s international strategy is based on the promotion and the diffusion of design culture, starting from the Italian way of conceiving design.
The collaboration is open to all partners who share the same idea about design: design is a culture of the project, a system that links production with consumers, using research and innovation to provide social value, cultural significance to goods and services and environmental awareness. Partners can be universities, enterprises, municipalities and institutions that share this common denominator. The geographical area of focus starts in Europe and spreads all over the world. IAAD. has been collaborating with cultural institutions and universities in France, Poland, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, India, China and Japan. Targets are mainly students who are involved in the development of projects imagined for the common good, such as sustainable mobility, social communication and innovative production. These collaborations open the way to internships for students: partners can meet IAAD. students and see how they work, evaluating their skills “on the job”, so they can choose the best students and offer them work. The results of these international collaborations can be found on IAAD.’s website and are sent to the main magazines in the field, in both print and web versions.

Charter number: 269982-EPP-1-2015-1-IT-EPPKA3-ECHE
University code: I TORINO09