Genesis, the rediscovered space

by: Marta Pasciuti

Genesis, il progetto di tesi in Interior design di Marta Pasciuti


IAAD. Torino


interior design


Marta Pasciuti, alumna IAAD. del corso in Interior design

Marta Pasciuti

The “Genesis, the rediscovered space” project stems from the collaboration with Maatroom, a Turin-based clothing brand that is characterized by order, rigor and synthesis, and involves the relocation of the showroom/atelier to Via dei Mille, right in the center of Turin. The site is arranged on three levels: on the ground floor there is the exhibition space, on the second floor the customer meeting area and kitchen, and on the second floor the workshop/atelier.
Generating the design is the very identity of Maatroom: volumes, asymmetries, sharp cuts, prevalence of colors-non-colors, such as white and gray. Following the brand’s poetics, the aesthetics remain intentionally silent and non-invasive: the intent is to create a physical and perceptual experience, using reflective materials and steel that allow the spotlight to shine on the garments on display.
A process of reduction that results in a space in which to explore light and shadow, a blank canvas designed to display, examine, touch and feel.

Final project

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