Club Silencio – Brand Identity

by: Luciano Consiglio

Scopri il progetto di tesi in Digital Communication design sulla brand identity di Club Silencio


Iaad. Torino


Digital Communication design


Luciano Consiglio, alumno IAAD. del corso in Digital Communication design

Luciano Consiglio

Hello, my name is Luciano Consiglio, but for the Internet it’s just Consiglio.
I enjoy experimenting visually, learning and discovering new programs and techniques to arrive at the best visual definition that helps me create a narrative in any work.
I’m a designer and photographer, with a focus on art and music.

Club Silencio is a cultural association engaged in social benefit projects engaged in cultural promotion, collaborating with museums and historical buildings. However, despite the amount of projects it has to manage every week, it doesn’t have a real brand identity. This is also because its events are characterized by different graphics and communications depending on the format of the project. It is often only associated with the “Una notte al museo”.
The goal is to make Club Silencio recognizable and bring it to be a real brand. This is possible through analyzing and reconstructing the solid and recognizable brand image. Combining it with new storytelling that gives importance to Club Silencio and focuses on its values: sustainability, culture, diversity, beauty, territory, and discovery.

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