A purifier for Indonesia: a thesis project in Product design

by: Chiara Morello

Un progetto di tesi in Product design su un depuratore per l'Indonesia


IAAD. Torino


Product design


Chiara Morello, alumna IAAD. del corso in Product design

Chiara Morello

I’m Chiara Morello and I can finally say: I’m a Product Designer!
I live in the world of ideas and thanks to design I learned to make them, so as to share them with the world.
I would call myself a creative rather determined and curious about the world that is changing, in short, a free spirit.
Motivated to grow at the working level by realizing innovative projects with an attention to the environment, in my works there is passion, dedication and determination that are also characteristic of my person.

The thesis is about how to help the Balinese people get clean water.
Indonesia is a country that is struggling with various environmental issues, such as plastic in the seas and beaches, but also the lack of drinking water. Currently, the population gets by as best they can by boiling water, or at worst, buying plastic bottles that further increase pollution in the archipelago. The task of my project is to facilitate the production of drinking water through Idra’s patented filtration system using natural material, ceramics.
The project, therefore, takes into consideration the culture but also the climate, with the goal of taking advantage of the very frequent monsoon rains to derive drinking water.

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