BO – Beyond Oneself

di: Giulia Grillo

BO - Beyond Oneself, il progetto di tesi in Communication design di Giulia Grillo


IAAD. Torino


Communication design


Giulia Grillo, alumna IAAD. del corso in Communication design

Giulia Grillo

Giulia graduated in Communication design from IAAD. in Turin in 2022 and considers herself a sunny, creative person who is always ready to get involved.
After finishing her studies, she started working with a communication studio in Turin and at the same time experienced as a Social Media Manager with another agency.
Giulia, however, is ambitious and for this reason she wants to start a new adventure that embraces the world of Product Design of furniture.
This new project is all in the pipeline.
Aware that the world of communication and graphics will never leave her, she believes that Design can unite different fields into one big cosmos.

The main objective of the contemporary art collection ‘La Gaia’ in Busca is to create curiosity in the target audience and bring them closer to the world of art.
In order to find a solution to this problem, it was chosen to give birth to an integrated communication, able to go to the creative points of it such as: guerrilla, packaging and the world of social.
The artworks reflect the artist’s thoughts, reflections and historical period. Based on this assumption, empathy will be created through a work of art, provoking curiosity in the target audience. Leading him to project his own feelings and reflections through a new language: art.
Thus, integrated communication will aim to make the target audience think and lead them to reflect on themselves through a work of art.

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