“Quindi non compro effettivamente niente…”

by: Asia Bonacorsi

Scopri il progetto di tesi sugli NFT realizzato da Asia Bonacorsi per il corso in Communication design


IAAD. Bologna


Communication design


Asia Bonacorsi, alumna IAAD. del corso in Communication design

Asia Bonacorsi

The individual thesis project in collaboration with Armidas involves, after a careful marketing analysis of the company, the market, and everything that gravitates around it, the conception and implementation of initiatives, and declinations that will lead Armidas to become an industry leader in a market in which they are currently the only ones to compete because of the enormous offerings they go to propose to the customer.

Among the declinations proposed to arrive at the final goal are:

  • New visual identity, with modification of the tone of voice;
  • New instagram format;
  • New site;
  • Twitch format;
  • Application with podcast.

Final project

With these changes and ideas, Armidas will be known firsthand nationwide, triggering curiosity in people who do not yet know them, and real fans later who will be attentive to everything the company does.

Project details

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