Transmutation: a project in Textile & Fashion design in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood

by: Andrea Cena

Transmutation: il progetto di tesi in Textile & Fashion design di Andrea Cena


IAAD. Torino


Textile & Fashion design


Andrea Cena, alumno IAAD. del corso in Textile & Fashion design

Andrea Cena

Creativity, curiosity and determination are just some of my favorite words and all of them, somehow, are part of my personality.
I love to discover and study the aspects of the world to translate them into original projects.
In particular, I love to give life to my ideas through drawing, something that has always come naturally to me since I was a child when I designed gorgeous clothes in my bedroom.
I always try to test myself because I think there is always something to learn from every single experience.

The project of individual thesis, consists in the creation of a fashion collection in collaboration with the brand Vivienne Westwood and was born with the need to tell the phenomenon of occultism. But the focus is on alchemy, an esoteric practice linked to the world of the occult, considering the Jungian vision of the same: this has allowed the drafting of the concept of the collection that shifts the focus from pure occultism, to the sphere of psychology for the search of one’s own Self. Jung speaks of spiritual alchemy, which as the “canonical” alchemy is divided into phases, each of one marks a “state passage”: immediately disoriented, then you rediscover your soul, you go through a phase of balance, before true self can emerge. Follows the research and the creative process.

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