Trame fertili

by: Clara Vallarano

Trame Fertili, il progetto di tesi in Interior design di


IAAD. Torino


interior design


Clara Vallarano, alumna IAAD. del corso in Interior design

Clara Vallarano

Trame fertili is a look at Africa and is born from the desire to improve the life of those who live there. The challenge saw the creation of a school with reduced spaces and a clear lack of ventilation. The aim was to foster well-being and spatial quality, fundamental aspects for learning, creating a space in line with the traditions of the context: architecture becomes the landscape of identity. This is the thought that inspired Trame fertili, a school intended as a place of growth, discovery and comparison. The tree, meeting point, becomes the protagonist of the space. It determines the planimetric development making the school airy, lively and flexible. The element that unites the entire space is the plot. It is retraced on every floor recalling the beauty of the African fabric. Fertile Trame deserves the opportunity to offer her community the field where her culture must affect and manifest itself, between the color of her land and the magic of her traditions.

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