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From where I stand. Understanding mental health with empathy.

by: Margherita Storchi

From where I stand, il progetto di tesi in Innovation design di


IAAD. Torino


Innovation Design


Margherita Storchi, alumna IAAD. del corso in Innovation design

Margherita Storchi

From where I stand. Understanding mental health with empathy. A thesis project by Margherita Storchi, in collaboration with Shifton, exploring the topic of mental health through an event format for high school students.
The need was identified from research on the topic of mental health, from which the insights and design challenge emerged. The meeting program is based on empathy, by which students, putting themselves in the shoes of people with frailty, will be able to understand what they feel. A path that, if carried out in continuity over the years, will enable participants to become informed and equipped with the tools to understand not only other people, but also themselves, thus breaking down stigma.

Final project

The format, which will have a positive impact on both society and the economy, has the characteristic of being moldable and adaptable to the target context, as it is based on co-design and project cycle management.

Research & development

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