Invisible landscape

by: Asya Paggi

Spazio B: il progetto di tesi in Interior design di Alessia Calzolari


IAAD. Torino


interior design


Asya Paggi, alumna IAAD. del corso in Interior design

Asya Paggi

The project by Paggi Asya starts from a deep analysis aimed to define the new lifestyles following the pandemic, the new methods of work as well as social interaction. Following the last few years, technology has shown its potential, there is no longer a limit, people can work anywhere they wish; a new mentality has taken hold, more nomadic and interconnected, eager for human interactions and new experiences. It is not only society that is being reborn, this is an opportunity for many abandoned buildings to regain their identity and become new gathering points within the urban fabric. This has been the goal for the former military refrigerator in Cuneo, to become a new landmark within the city. The redevelopment of the site therefore includes the creation of a new co-working space as a point within the NAT working association network created with the aim of defining new remote workstations.

Final project

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