by: Davide Raccuia

IMMORIES COLLECTION, il progetto di tesi in Textile & Fashion design di


IAAD. Torino


Textile & Fashion design


Davide Raccuia, alumno IAAD. del corso in Textile & Fashion design

Davide Raccuia

I’m Davide Raccuia, a recent graduate in Textile and Fashion Design, passionate about photography: especially the analog one. Travelling is what allows me to broaden my knowledge of culture and customs, I observe and study everything that surrounds me by depicting it through photos and videos.
I am often inspired by films and visual communication projects.
Thanks to my work experience and also to my many trips I learned to relate to different cultures, always remaining available to comparison and learning to work in teams.
My goal is to work in the design and communication of products or projects.

Always out of fear of what he does not know, man tends to attribute to the unknown a visual representation and an explanation to allow him not to torment himself on questions about which so much could be answered.
The theme of eternal life has very ancient origins in the history of humanity. Over the centuries and moving between different cultures, it was dealt with in very different ways but also in an almost identical way. 
We try to delude the temporality of things by means of products or special practices, for current knowledge, the only way that an individual has to prolong in a certain sense his life is through memory: leaving a trace of his passage. The artists, whose works manage to convey the spirit of the time in which they were made, are the only ones who remain in the memory of various individuals thanks to their own works, leaving, after their death an indelible sign of their existence, overcoming also the temporality of things.

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