Happiness Revolution: a thesis project in Innovation design

by: Simone Noselli

Change is real: il progetto di tesi in Innovation design di Mattia Monacelli


IAAD. Torino


Innovation Design


Mattia Monacelli, alumno IAAD. del corso in Innovation Design per l’Impresa la Cultura e il Sociale

Simone Noselli

Happiness Revolution. A thesis project by Simone Noselli, in collaboration with Tangity, which stems from the need to redefine the process of assessing the happiness and well-being of its employees, launched in 2019.
Based on the Eudaimonic Science of Happiness and the methods of Org+, Happiness Revolution consists of a framework capable of measuring happiness, flanked by a participatory and collaborative process capable of contaminating and increasing the awareness of each and every worker on this issue.
The principles of social innovation adopted have made it possible to respond to the social needs that have emerged in the company through new models, logic and thinking.

Final project

The paper contributes to revising work and organizational models related to People, adopting a more human centric and humanistic approach. By investing in their internal employees, organizations can achieve excellent results, as well as accompany their people on a path of professional growth.

Research & development

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