Dremel – Vibrant for resins

by: Sara Raspanti

Dremel vibrante per resine, il progetto di tesi in Product design di


IAAD. Torino


Product design


Sara Raspanti, alumna IAAD. del corso in Product design

Sara Raspanti

In the DIY you need a new look and free space for innovation. One of the purposes of the tool is to facilitate the use of epoxy material offering the user innovative proposals, simplifying the process of resin casting: the incorporation of dyes or elements inside the resins. Improving material casting performance and making the user feel capable, self-sufficient, creative and intelligent when it comes to solving problems and completing their own projects.
The vibrating tool is, in fact, used during the casting process of epoxy and polyurethane resins. The main challenge encountered is the air bubbles that form during processing, difficult to remove and that ruin the surface of the product. The vibration allows bubbles to detach from the walls of the mold and burst, thus leaving a clear and transparent resin, free of defects.

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