Ostello Borgo Mameli

by: Gloria Peri

Ostello Borgo Mameli, il progetto di tesi in Interior design di


IAAD. Bologna


interior design


Gloria Peri, alumna IAAD. del corso in Interior design

Gloria Peri

Gloria Peri is a young interior designer born in Bologna. She attended Interior Design at IAAD. Bologna and graduated with a thesis about the regeneration of the internal spaces of Borgo Mameli, designing a hostel that combines work spaces, accommodation facility and a place of conviviality.
During her studies she did an internship in an architectural studio and in recent years she has independently designed some furniture products like a coffee table, a bookend, a lamp and a coat rack.
Immediately after graduation she started working in a furniture store.

The purpose of the thesis is about the design of the interior of a hostel as a symbiosis between accommodation and work spaces. The site of intervention is Borgo Mameli, an ex-brewery of the ex- barracks Mameli in Porta San Felice, Bologna, a place of conviviality, where it is possible to eat and drink local food in company. Given its strategic location, it was thought to expand the offer by introducing a accommodation part. The project goal is to make Borgo Mameli a destination, a memorable and well recognizable place. The intention is to succeed in weaving relationships between different areas, such as hospitality, art, work and music into one synergistic and stimulating environment, going on to revolutionize the concept of hospitality.

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