Change is real – Communication of data and information in community development processes.

by: Mattia Monacelli

Change is real: il progetto di tesi in Innovation design di Mattia Monacelli


IAAD. Torino


Innovation Design


Mattia Monacelli, alumno IAAD. del corso in Innovation Design per l’Impresa la Cultura e il Sociale

Mattia Monacelli

My thesis project is the result of collaboration with Planet Smart City, leading company in the development of smart and affordable housing, which integrates community development processes within its offerings. The design challenge to which ”Change is real” responds is the following: how can we demonstrate and communicate the change and impact achieved by implementing community development processes, to the very beneficiaries of the interventions?
”Change is real,” the design answer to the previous question, takes shape as a result of research on community development and the strategic importance of communication in its implementation.

Final project

The project consists of an experimental format of returning information so that it can be relevant, usable and suitable for citizens, with the belief that in the long run the target community can become more aware, collaborative and engaged.

Research & development

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