Spazio B: the redevelopment project of the former Officine Reggiane

by: Alessia Calzolari

Spazio B: il progetto di tesi in Interior design di Alessia Calzolari


IAAD. Bologna


interior design


Alessia Calzolari, alumna IAAD. del corso in Interior design

Alessia Calzolari

My name is Alessia and I am an interior designer, graduated from IAAD in Bologna.
My passion for this job began as a child when I used to sneak into the family carpentry to build what, with a lot of imagination, today we call “architectural models.”
To this day I work in an architectural firm that allows me to range in the different areas of the industry and expand my skills and knowledge every day.
So here I am, trying to learn, step by step, a profession that is as complex as it is fulfilling.

“Spazio B” is the redevelopment project of a warehouse of the former Officine Reggiane in Reggio Emilia, a place that offers social, legal and health services to the most needy and at the same time allows the city to enjoy a multi-ethnic space, and taste many different cultures. In fact, the public space on the ground floor allows the mixing of stories, smells and tastes through food and wine outlets and socio-cultural activities, while the more private space on the upper floor hosts functions aimed at social inclusion for those in need, thus creating a type of hybrid architecture.
The warehouse itself was abandoned and forgotten for years, the intervention is therefore an example of rebirth and redemption, from which all individuals can benefit in a perspective of equality and solidarity.

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