RE/X, a thesis project in Transportation design

by: Ulises Alonso Morales Mendoza

RE/X, la hypercar disegnata da Ulises Alonso Morales Mendoza come tesi in Transportation design


IAAD. Torino


Transportation design


Ulises Morales Mendoza, alumno IAAD. del corso in Transportation design

Ulises Morales Mendoza

Rex was born as a hypercar project which combines the best of competition machines and the uso on the street, highly inspired by competitions like lemans and formula E, but also strongly rooted into the italian tradition of producing automobiles in an artisanal way, the idea is to have a two seater in which driver and copilot enjoy of a pure driving experience.

Final project

As contrast with other vehicles, RE/X is a car in which both occupants participate actively on the drive of the car, one of them physically interacting with the machine, while the copilot assists him via VR, anticipating the turns and taking decisions in advance.
As a plus, the copilot can make use of the VR system to enjoy simulations and games.

Project details

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