Blaze Magazine Crypto Arte: the revolution

by: Luca Bertusi

Blaze Magazine Crypto Arte: il progetto di tesi in Communication design di Luca Bertusi


Iaad. Bologna


Communication design


Luca Bertusi, alumno IAAD. del corso in Communication design

Luca Bertusi

BLAZE is an independent contemporary art and visual culture magazine, founded in 2022 in Bologna. Creativity is the driving force for innovation in the art world, our focus is therefore to create a creative study of the subject, with a decidedly dynamic and interdisciplinary approach.
Published quarterly, the magazine is a meeting place for an Italian community of art and visual culture enthusiasts who want to keep up with the times and concretely understand the changing context that inevitably conditions the new artistic currents.
We believe that artists are the real agents of change and their testimony is our focal point. Our work puts their vision and creativity before everything, making them free to express themselves and their art. The magazine’s experimental approach also extends to other creative projects that live in the digital world.

Final project

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