Green City Map. An app for discovering the Green side of your city.

by: Lara Bronzino

Green City Map: il progetto di tesi in Digital Communication design di


Iaad. Torino


Digital Communication design


Lara Bronzino, alumna IAAD. del corso in Digital Communication design

Lara Bronzino

Nice to meet you, I am Lara. Graduated in 2022 in Digital Communication design, I got in touch with the world of communication since high school and thanks to different internships in the field, initially in Spain and later in Italy.
Since graduation, thanks to the thesis done together with the no-profit Greenpeace, I support the Engagement and Digital team of the NGO on the topics of lead generation, marketing automation, data quality and data analysis.

The Green City Map is an eco-map created as a web-navigable guide useful to rethink the way cities are experienced and discover their greener side. It collects sustainable solutions, divided in four categories: sustainable food, circular economy, sustainable mobility and green spaces.
The app wants to be a tool that can easily introduce these solutions into daily life; suitable both for those unfamiliar with the concept of sustainability and for those who already know it and need an eco-guide at their fingertips. The goal is to inform and make people aware about the importance of small sustainable actions.
The important purposes it focuses on are: adding a point on the map, searching for a place with the use of GPS, consulting places’ news and sustainable tips.
The launch is followed by a guerrilla gardening campaign and an event under the banner of creation, education and fun.

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