MusixMatch for Kids

by: Davide Soranzio

MusixMatch for Kids, il progetto di tesi in Digital Communication design di


IAAD. Torino


Digital Communication design


Davide Soranzio, alumno IAAD. del corso in Digital Communication design

Davide Soranzio

My name is Davide Soranzio and I’m 23. I am a multi-disciplinary designer focused on music and food&beverage.
I’ve been lost in the audiovisual world since I was young. Growing up, I explored various media and I defined my creative personality. Don’t expect who knows what, it’s still pretty rough.
I’m in love with creating imaginaries. Different pieces of the plot must dialogue with each other perfectly.

In the school education world, the focus is not set on music and its sub-cultures, but on a music practice that does not stimulate and enrich those directly involved, the children.
Sharing is a main trait of music, and some society, thoughts, customs and habits changes are performed by music as a sharing art. The absence of narrative has transformed its role, making it marginal in our lives. This project is born to redesign music experience in education for children belonging to the alpha generation: this is the challenge!
MusixMatch for Kids is a project by Davide Soranzio, who is attending the Digital Communication Design course at IAAD. It stems from the desire to tell music in an alternative way and is a new approach to sustainable digital production.
The opportunity identified is to design a Mobile Application, embedded in an ecosystem of 100% cardboard instruments, that children can play while approaching music sensorially and absorbing, through gamification, cultural pills about music.

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