Ma mi senti? – A podcast on listening among generations

di: Rebecca Baravelli

Ma mi senti? Il progetto di tesi in Communication design di Rebecca Baravelli è un podcast sull'ascolto generazionale


Iaad. Bologna


Communication design


Rebecca Baravelli, alumna IAAD. del corso in Communication design

Rebecca Baravelli

After a scientific degree and a musical course, I decided to find a compromise between reason and creativity in the world of design. That’s how I ended up at  IAAD. where I gave all of myself to finish the course with maximum satisfaction. I can define my messed up mind as a marriage of enlightened rationality and quaint extravagance, a marriage that makes me love the world of marketing as a science and at the same time makes me feel deeply attracted to the world of creatives and artists.

My thesis project takes into account two issues of this social period: hearing disorders and poor intergenerational communication. Following in-depth research on the subject of noise pollution and increased hearing loss, I have established as the goal of my project the increased awareness of hearing care and the acceptance of hearing problems. I chose to create a branded podcast produced by Amplifon, in collaboration with DigitalMDE – Audio Strategy, that projects the auditory distance on the generational gap. “Ma mi senti?” is a podcast that speaks of not being able to hear, metaphorically, with the aim of generating brand awareness in the audience. The project is therefore based on the allegory between hearing on a physiological level and listening between people of different generations; this allows Amplifon to generate value without talking directly about its business.

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