Rebranding of a Skate-Shop: a Digital Communication design project

by: Alessandro Iori

Rebranding di uno Skate-Shop: il progetto di tesi in Digital Communication design di Alessandro Iori


IAAD. Torino


Digital Communication design


Alessandro Iori, alumno IAAD. del corso in Digital Communication design

Alessandro Iori

The Street scene, mainly focused on skateboarding is changing, which means that communication and the market itself are also changing. It used to rely on word of mouth and physical stores while now social has opened up various possibilities in creating one’s own community.
A fitting example with the skate world is Supreme, which started by opening a skateshop, but having adapted to the technological and social evolution has managed to build the empire it still is today.
My project is based on the rebranding of USAIR and how to take it to a new level by digitizing it, then taking its communication to new channels such as Instagram, which will serve to generate awareness, the website that will act as an e-commerce and finally create branded products suitable to increase the store’s sales.

Final project

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