Esibizionista, thesis project in Tranportation design with Tecnocad

by: Davide Bianco Francesetti

Esibizionista, il progetto di tesi in Transportation design di Davide Bianco Francesetti


Iaad. Torino


Transportation design


Davide Bianco Francesetti, alumno IAAD. del corso in Transportation design

Davide Bianco Francesetti

Born in Ivrea in 1999, he has always had a passion for drawing and motor sports. After scientific high school diploma, he completed his university career at IAAD. in Transportation design in 2022 with 2 degree theses in collaboration with Tecnocad and Brembo. Subsequently he began working as an exterior designer in the GRANSTUDIO team, where he still works today, a company based in Turin founded in 2011 by the well-known Flemish designer Lowie Vermeersch.

Esibizionista is a project for a one-off sports car for an hypothetical 2040 by Davide Bianco Francesetti in collaboration with the Tecnocad company.
The journey of this project is based on the quest for uniqueness. The hypothesized scenario will be a sort of rediscovery of the past in which uniqueness will reside in values uncommon for the time. The car is designed for hypothetical customer David Smith. His wish is to see a car made that will be observed and admired like Michelangelo’s David in Florence, his favorite work of art.  The car will be as alive as the formal inspiration that comes from the Manta.

Final project

The technical part supports the stylistic part a bit like with sculptures where there is a plinth that supports the sculptural body.  The technical and the stylistic part want to be enhanced in the same way.
Dream, distinction, adrenaline, analogy, wonder and fun will be unique values in 2040, the same values that seek to make the designed car different from what it will be in this future.

Project development

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