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Master IAAD. in Motorcycle Design



Start date:

PRELIMINARY – April 2024
MASTER MODULE – September 2024


Master IAAD. in Motorcycle design

The Master in Motorcycle Design addresses the sector’s ever-growing demand for young designers who can understand and interpret the continuous changes affecting the “two-wheeler” industry, starting with the generational shift from “petrol heads” to “digital natives” who seem to have rediscovered an interest in the subject, calling for diverse new styles and a new social awareness, along with the need for freedom that is characteristic of this activity.

Master IAAD. in Motorcycle design

The Master in Motorcycle Design addresses the sector’s ever-growing demand for young designers who can understand and interpret the continuous changes affecting the “two-wheeler” industry, starting with the generational shift from “petrol heads” to “digital natives” who seem to have rediscovered an interest in the subject, calling for diverse new styles and a new social awareness, along with the need for freedom that is characteristic of this activity.


Start date: April 2024
Duration: 4 months
Language: English
Format: online

Start date: September 2024
Duration: 10 months
Language: English
Format: full time in person at Bologna
Campus: Bologna

Strategic Director: Luca Borgogno
Coordinator: Luca Bar

One of the hallmarks of the IAAD. method is ongoing collaboration with industry leaders on joint projects. In meeting the needs of both the partner companies and the students’ educational objectives, these projects generate a doubly favorable situation: aspiring designers have the opportunity to work with industry leaders and at the same time the latter can keep an eye out for future talent to be included in their companies.

This system also makes it possible to simulate working conditions in a professional setting: operating under strict deadlines, correcting projects in progress following client feedback, working in teams and by objectives. During the Master’s programme, the emphasis is on presentations and design competitions: students are guided and supervised in the presentations of their projects and are supported in their participation in national and international competitions.

The programme’s lecturers are crucial figures who are the connection between IAAD. and companies. All are professionals in their respective fields of study who know the companies in their field and know what it takes to become competitive young designers in the job market. The lecturers offer students valuable perspective and guidance to help identify which of their professional skills need to be improved and perfected so that they can enter the working world as key players.

Why study Transportation Design – Motorcycles & Personal Mobility at IAAD. Bologna?

In line with the strategic decision to open the Bologna branch, IAAD. has expanded its educational offerings with the first Master’s degree in Design of two-wheeled vehicles, whether motorized such as motorcycles and scooters, or manual or assisted such as bicycles and e-bikes.

Emilia Romagna is historically a land of motors, known in Italy and internationally as a place where the culture of technology and passion for mechanics have been cultivated and developed, creating vehicles that move not only the body but also the soul of the rider.

In recent decades, several “outposts” have been strategically positioned in the region by international brands interested in reaping the benefits of the highly specialized cultural and industrial offerings in the sector, effectively creating a growing demand for skilled personnel.

Programme of the Master in Motorcycle Design


The Preliminary Course will offer instruction in the fundamentals of Transportation Design in terms of historical culture, representational techniques (Design sketching, illustration, digital sketching), 3D modeling and design methodology, as well as specific courses in interior design, exterior design, and motorcycle design. It is intended for students who have previously taken design courses not specific to automotive design.

Each discipline includes an end-of-course exam. The Preliminary concludes with the presentation of a final exterior/interior project.


The Master’s course will cover subjects related to the design of motorcycles and scooters, beginning with the study of the style, volume and proportions of the bike’s body. Students will create design briefs from which to define a proper strategy consistent with the market and the target brand. The designs will develop from the brief, progressing through the stages of marketing, idea generation, sketching and rendering, to the final presentation of the proposal. 

Significant time will be devoted to designs in the area of sustainable mobility, with the aim of providing a design methodology useful for dealing in a systematic and structured way with the design of transportation conceived to be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Students will also be engaged in making virtual models of their projects, supported by the modeling and rendering course.

Finally, students will learn strategies to properly organize the content of their presentations and portfolios to maximize their visual and communicative effects.

Master Syllabus

History of vehicle designMarketing
Design SketchingMotorbike Design
Digital DesignBicycle and Personal Vehicle Design
Vehicle architectureScooter Design
Motorbike ergonomics3D Digital Modeling (Alias 2)
3D DesignPresentation techniques
Motorbike DesignSustainable Mobility
Transportation DesignPortfolio
Presentation techniquesDigital Modeling 3D (Maya)
History of vehicle design
Design Sketching
Digital Design
Vehicle architecture
Motorbike ergonomics
3D Design
Motorbike Design
Transportation Design
Presentation techniques
Motorbike Design
Bicycle and Personal Vehicle Design
Scooter Design
3D Digital Modeling (Alias 2)
Presentation techniques
Sustainable Mobility
Digital Modeling 3D (Maya)

General Information


Preliminary Module

The Preliminary Course in Transportation Design is open to students who are have completed bachelor’s degree programmes in Industrial Design, Automotive Engineering and related subjects; to those who have a post-graduate degree in Industrial and/or Automotive Design, and to candidates who have significant professional experience in the transportation sector.

Admission is subject to evaluation of the application, which must include a cover letter, curriculum vitae and portfolio. IAAD. reserves the right to request that applicants be interviewed in person or remotely, if necessary.

Master Module

Admission to the Master’s programme in Motorcycle Design & Personal Mobility is subject to passing the Preliminary Course in Transportation Design and possessing English language certification at the B2 level or higher.

Students may customize their curricula through participation in competitions, seminars or workshops in order to collect additional credits required for passing the Preliminary Course.

Students with an undergraduate degree in Transportation Design or those with significant experience in transportation or modeling may apply for direct admission to the Master’s in Motorcycle Design & Personal Mobility.

In all cases, admission to the course is subject to approval by the Course Coordinator, based on the evaluation of academic qualifications, professional experience and the portfolio.


Applications for the Master’s programme must include the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter
  • Portfolio

The Master’s Coordinator will evaluate the received applications.

IAAD. reserves the right to ask the applicant for an additional interview at IAAD.’s offices or remotely, if deemed necessary. The results of the applicant’s request for admission will be communicated by the office of Orientation.


Classes are held Monday through Friday (extra classes may occasionally be scheduled on Saturdays as well), full-time (including lectures, labs, and individual study), with mandatory attendance.

The Master’s in Transportation Design – Motorcycles & Personal Mobility is held in person at Bologna. Individual courses or activities in remote mode may be scheduled.


The course requires the development of a thesis project in collaboration with a partner company. The design phase kicks off with an initial briefing with the company, followed by an intermediate presentation and review meetings with the partner company’s designated designer(s), who are involved until the final thesis discussion. The thesis project of the first edition of the Master’s programme will be carried out in collaboration with an industry leading company.

Career Service

In order to offer its students the best opportunities on the market for creative professionals, IAAD. manages contacts between its students and the professional world, introducing its graduates to the top businesses in their fields. IAAD. has fostered relationships with companies that has resulted in a regularly updated database of businesses that continuously contact the Institute to find young, talented professionals to fill open positions.

Career Paths

Motorcycle & Scooter Designer

This designer is responsible for the stylistic definition of a motorcycle’s aesthetics, usually working for a manufacturer’s design center or an independent consulting firm.

Bicycle and Transportation Designer

This professional designs and develops vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, and other personal transportation. The position calls for a very versatile professional who can work in the engineering department or design division of a company, or as a freelancer or independent consultant.

3D Modeller and Visual Designer

This work involves the design and definition of 3D models of vehicles, in particular in two-wheelers, in which the surface quality must meet the manufacturing requirements of different materials and vehicle types.

A professional with this level of rendering and presentation skills is capable of working in a variety of fields, even outside of common manufacturing. A 3D modeler and 3D visual designer usually finds employment in the design center of an industry, but could also work in an advertising agency or in any business that works with VR and AR experts.

CTF Designer (finishing and coloring)

A CTF designer intervenes at a particular stage of design, when the combination of materials, colors, fabrics and graphics gives the product the desired look.

This professional is usually sought for the development of specific types of vehicles such as scooters and bicycles, but also for personal devices or vehicles intended for the racing.


IAAD. offers financial support to students with scholarships to partially cover the cost of attending the Preliminary and Master’s programmes. 

nb: The number of scholarships available is always fewer than the application. It is important to keep in mind that most scholarships are awarded based on the committee’s evaluation of a number of principal requirements, including:

  • personal portfolio
  • educational background/degrees
  • professional experience

The Evaluating Committee will award, at its sole discretion, the available scholarships to the Preliminary Course candidates deemed most deserving. Recipients will receive official notification about the awarding of scholarships before the start of the course.

For the scholarship to be maintained for the Master’s degree, recipients must have passed the Preliminary Course with a grade point average of 27/30 or higher.

Additional scholarships may be awarded to candidates who directly enroll in the Master’s programme.



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