id_proc_0000.mov – A thesis in Textile & Fashion design with VìenAtelier

by: Samuele Mastrangelo

Scopri il progetto di tesi in Fashion design di Samuele Mastrangelo in collaborazione con il fashion brand VìenAtelier


IAAD. Torino


Textile & Fashion design


Samuele Mastrangelo, alumno IAAD. del corso in Textile & Fashion design

Samuele Mastrangelo

id_proc_0000. mov is a project born from the collaboration with the fashion brand Vìen Atelier by Vincenzo Palazzo. Thesis project that develops following the guidelines of the ” Process of identification ” by Carl Gustav Jung, principle that affirms the existence of an individuality that distinguishes and characterizes a being compared to others belonging to the same nature, characterized by those that are four distinct stages ie, the shadow and the dimension of darkness, soul/animus and the heterosexual dimension of the psyche, the archetypes of spirit and matter and the self, understood as the center of personality. Fundamental phases developed in the study and development of the three collections followed for the Apulian brand, and especially for the mini-film that will close the process of personal identification that allowed me to identify the self.

Final project

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