Social Nest

by: Federico Botta

Un render di Social Nest, il progetto di tesi in Interior design di Federico Botta


IAAD. Torino


Interior design


Federico Botta, alumno IAAD. del corso in Interior design

Federico Botta

“Beauty isn’t equivalent to wealth but to harmony, beauty is for everyone, especially for those who have had less from life, actually mainly for these.”
Words of Friar Ruggeri, known as “the architect of beauty” because, with little, he has managed to bring to life suggestive spaces inside an old war arsenal, Sermig, an association of volunteers committed to the fight against poverty.
Renamed “Arsenal of Peace,” it is the intervention site chosen for the thesis project.
A homeless dormitory housing is located in one part of it.
Inspections and interviews have been crucial in defining a new vision within the dormitory, or rather the Shelter.

Final project

“Social nest” seeks to meet these needs with the inclusion of private housing capsules and at the same time a large common area where to socialize.
Simplicity and beauty through materials, shapes and colors are the key words that guided towards the design idea.

Project details

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