A new e-learning experience: a Digital Communication design thesis project

by: Fabrizio Lombardi

A new e-learning experience: il progetto di tesi in Digital Communication design di Fabrizio Lombardi


IAAD. Torino


Digital Communication design


Fabrizio Lombardi, alumno IAAD. del corso in Digital Communication design

Fabrizio Lombardi

The field of learning and education is one that is all too often taken for granted, and it is common to give importance only to the content of the information transmitted rather than the mode. For a long time, the mode of teaching remained unchanged, but the pandemic forced us to make a radical change, moving the mode to the level of a video call. This threw the whole school system into crisis, and students had several problems learning the way they did before, such as poor connection, difficulty in understanding each other and general demotivation. The implications, however, were not entirely negative, because the way of teaching was questioned and new horizons of education opened up.

Final project

The intention is therefore to understand what the most important problems are, both on the part of teachers and students, and to bring solutions for an e-learning experience that comes as close as possible to a live lesson.

Research & Development

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