Iki Carbon: a thesis project in Product design about sustainability

by: Roberto Dallari

Iki Carbon, il progetto di tesi in Product design di Roberto Dallari


IAAD. Torino


Product design


Roberto Dallari, alumno IAAD. del corso in Product design

Roberto Dallari

Iki Carbon is an innovative and sustainable material developed by the Finnish company Fifth Innovation. The interest for this material comes from the fact that it has practically no impact on the environment, indeed, it manages to store CO2 instead of dispersing it into the environment. At the same time it has many other electrifying features, such as being fireproof, both thermal and acoustic insulation, has no odors and helps to purify the air by absorbing VOC (volative organic compound), harmful particles present especially in indoor environments (produced by food, printers, second-hand smoke, people…). With this thesis, my goal is not to give an answer, to identify the perfect product to be made with this material, but to strive to understand the importance of Iki Carbon (with a more or less scientific description of the material) and present all those products that could potentially be made with it, to conclude with a question: will we really be able to develop a future with this kind of environmentally friendly materials?

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