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by: Beatrice Pallotta

Twalky, il progetto di tesi in Communication design di Beatrice Pallotta


IAAD. Bologna


Communication design


Beatrice Pallotta, alumna IAAD. del corso in Communication design

Beatrice Pallotta

I am Beatrice Pallotta, I come from Campello Sul Clitunno, a wonderful small town in the province of Perugia, and I am passionate about design, beauty, fashion, and photography. In July 2022, I graduated in Communication Design from IAAD. Here, I developed my organizational and empathic skills. I enjoy giving meaning and purpose to everything I conceive and design. I find solutions to problems through extensive research and effective communication. To me, designing means solving.

My thesis project therefore develops on the conception of a service, transformed into an app, aimed at helping all those people who are afraid and/ or do not feel calm to walk the road, whether it is during the day or at night, by solə. The app will be the means by which the user will be able to find out which road is safer to travel, according to their needs, and if there are other users, who will travel the same route, together with which you can have more peace of mind and security. The app is named after Twalky and, through its values: security, sharing, mutual help and inclusivity, is aimed at all those who do not want to feel hindered in their choices, but who at the same time feel they must protect and protect themselves.

Final project

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