Disability as a principle of co-design

by: Sara Modugno

Il progetto di tesi in Product design in collaborazione con l'associazione Hackability


IAAD. Torino


Product design


Sara Modugno, alumna IAAD. del corso in Product design

Sara Modugno

Sara Modugno, designer born ’99, graduated in Product Design.
I am determined, tenacious and persevering. I like to lead and motivate the team towards achieving common goals and I strongly believe in laughter-based brainstorming. I am a lover of coffee, music and the night that brings advice. For me, design is a relationship between things and people, so I look for inspiration in everyday encounters and experiences.

This thesis focuses on the design of an orthosis which allows tetraplegic disabled people to cut food during meals autonomously.
The project was developed within a co-design draft, activated by Hackability, a non-profit association, made up of occupational therapists of the Spinal Unit of Turin and a team of engineers and designers.
Within this group, disability becomes the vehicle of a new world, performed by professional figures who collaborate for a common goal: wellness of human beings.
Through the use of prototyping machines and 3D printers it is possible to create both brand new and improved products, tailored and cheaper, which meet the urge of people with disabilities or special needs and also elderly people.

Final project

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