Unmasked: an event for neurodivergent individuals

by: Erika Porta

Unmasked: il progetto di tesi in Textile and Fashion design di Erika Porta


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Textile & Fashion design


Erika Porta, alumna IAAD. del corso in Textile and Fashion design

Martina Girardo

Born in Turin on 22/03/2000, she shows a strong interest in artistic disciplines from an early age. At 5, she paints a scenography for a kindergarten play with her father, a painter.
In 2020, she graduates in Fine Arts from Cottini Artistic High School. She also develops a passion for photography and music, singing in various musical projects and exhibiting her photos in Turin. She quickly enters the world of fashion, graduating in Fashion Design from IAAD. in 2023.

Starting from a series of reflections born from the personal late discovery of a neurodevelopmental disorder, the project arises from the need to deepen the knowledge of the world of neurodivergences and oneself: from introspective exploration and the desire to communicate what has been repressed and misunderstood for years. Unmasked is an event divided into multiple chapters involving different neurodivergent individuals. Each section shares the goal of revealing the nature of something unknown or little-known and giving it a space for representation through diverse evocative solutions that create a synergistic communication between art, fashion, and music. It is a sensory experience that allows immersion, a sense of belonging, or identification.

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