Dallara Ibrida, a concept car designed as thesis project in Transportation design

by: Giorgio Monforte

RE/X, la hypercar disegnata da Ulises Alonso Morales Mendoza come tesi in Transportation design


IAAD. Torino


Transportation design


Giorgio Monforte, alumnus IAAD. del corso in Transportation design

Giorgio Monforte

My name is Giorgio Monforte. I was born in Catania, and after the end of my scientific high school education, I decided to dive, against all expectations, into the world of Transportation design. The combination of these worlds has allowed me to approach every situation through two different perspectives that collaborate (in a good way and not) in my design processes.
I love looking, fixing, analyzing, driving, and sketching cars, and I hope to work permanently in this world that IAAD. has allowed me to discover.

The Dallara Ibrida is a car that wants to redefine the concept of convertibility by combining two opposing yet complementary experiences: the on-road experience and the on-track one.
This union is made possible through the movement of the upper glass bubble, able to provide an electric on-road experience in absolute comfort and an adrenaline on-track experience thanks to the combustion engine.

Final project

The name, Ibrida, as simple as it is effective, fully describes a car that hides two different souls inside that do not work at the same time but collaborate to make this concept unique in its kind.

Project details

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