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ECCE EGO: a thesis project in Fashion design

by: Martina Girardo

ECCE EGO: il progetto di tesi in Textile & Fashion design di Martina Girardo


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Textile & Fashion design


Martina Girardo, alumna IAAD. del corso in Textile & Fashion Design

Martina Girardo

My name is Martina Girardo, and I was born on 05/07/2000 in Vado Ligure, a small town in Liguria near Savona. Since I was a child, I felt a strong attraction to art and the creative world. I spent entire days in solitude in my room, creating small projects that allowed me to immerse myself in a world of textures and colors.
As I grew up, I decided to attend the Arturo Martini artistic high school in Savona, where I delved into the fine arts and art history. Once completed, I felt the need to explore new artistic languages. Fashion became a powerful and immediate expressive method for me, extremely impactful and avant-garde, allowing me to give space to my reflections and creative attitude.
I moved to Turin to attend IAAD. in the Fashion program, starting a new life in a large city completely absorbed by a free, inclusive, and forward-looking reality.

This thesis stems from a strong and deep need to investigate aspects of one’s identity, addressing elements of distortion and immobility in a thematic path that pursues essence.
The search for one’s self is a tortuous path that requires a great deal of courage to question oneself. 
In this analysis, themes will be highlighted that will attempt to understand the superficial dimension of ascribed identity, constructed through filters of judgment and stereotypes. 
The ‘traumatic element will serve as a watershed for a new awareness of self, achieved by moments of reflection and growth that will give rise to the desire to delve into the deepest and most intimate part of the self.  
By immersing oneself in one’s pristine universe, one will come into direct contact with one’s desires, one’s fears and dreams to evolve to a fluid identity, free to self-define.

“I tell you that precisely this is the greatest good for man, to reason every day about virtue and the other subjects about which you have heard me disputing and researching myself and others, and that a life that does not do such research is not worth living.”


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