The Marketing strategy for Kappa Futurfestival

by: Giacomo Giobbia

Scopri il progetto di tesi in Communication design di Giacomo Giobbia sulla strategia di Marketing per il Kappa Futurfestival


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Giacomo Giobbia, alumnus IAAD. del corso in Communication design

Giacomo Giobbia

I am Giacomo, a Creative Designer always ready for new challenges. I like to create and innovate what surrounds me. I was born and raised in Turin but I have traveled to more than 25 countries around the world (so far).
I am passionate about communication, as a way to express myself and create a better world. I love creating events that inspire people and convey overwhelming emotions. Strong values and resilience are the driving force behind my daily work.

In this thesis we aim to create a marketing strategy for Kappa Futurfestival, an event developed and managed by Movement Entertainment. The goal is to attempt to change the widespread perception of the festival, transforming it from a chaotic and transgressive rave icon to a harmonious aggregating event and cultural stimulus. We intend to develop an engaging narrative that recasts the festival’s motivations, reiterating the importance of music as an aggregating event and the social role such an event can play. Through the promotion of art, technology and music culture we will seek to change the brand positioning.

Final project

The project will provide a clear and pragmatic roadmap for the implementation of the marketing strategy, emphasizing the importance of synergy between festival organization and business partners to become the innovators in the techno scene.

Research & development

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