Grafts: a thesis project in Interior design for the redevelopment of the “Lorusso-Cutugno” prison in Turin

by: Anastasia Fatone

"Innesti": un progetto di riqualificazione del Carcere “Lorusso e Cutugno” di Torino


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Anastasia Fatone, alumna del corso IAAD. in Interior design

Anastasia Fatone

My name is Anastasia, I’m 22 years old, and I live in Imola, in the province of Bologna. Currently, I am completing my university studies in Interior Design. I am a very sociable girl with a strong desire to learn and apply what I am studying.
I consider myself an empathetic, determined, and very helpful person.
I am passionate about interiors and architecture, and I often take the opportunity to travel and visit exhibitions to enhance my knowledge.

“Grafts” is a thesis project that proposes a solution for the redevelopment of the interior spaces of the “Lorusso-Cutugno” Prison in Turin, following the guidelines proposed by the “Commission on Prison Architecture” established by the Ministry of Justice with the D.M. 12.1.2021, and the valuable suggestions of architect Cesare Burdese, an expert in the field of prison architecture and a member of said commission.

“Grafts” materializes volumetrically and architecturally through gems that rest on the pre-existing structure, breaking the original rigid and symmetrical scheme both in terms of floor plan and conceptually. The objective is to overcome traditional patterns of prison alienation by using architectural elements that represent an “exit” towards the outside. This approach promotes a meaningful connection between the prison structure and the external context, as well as between the inmates and the surrounding society.

Architecture plays a crucial role in addressing the challenges of daily life for individuals deprived of their freedom, as conscious design choices allow for the creation of spaces that foster social rehabilitation and the well-being of the inmates.

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