A thesis project in Interior design for promoting the Clubbing Culture

by: Greta Tunioli

Un progetto di tesi in Interior design per promuovere la Club Culture


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Greta Tunioli, alumna IAAD. del corso triennale in Interior design

Greta Tunioli

Sweet in character. I was born in Bologna, where I undertook artistic studies focused on design.

Fascinated by the study of light design, I will find its declination in several of my university projects, in addition to the conceptual research I carry out. I pay a lot of attention to the graphics design of my projects, another great passion of mine.

After years of dedication to artistic skating, I decided to shift my interest to the world of clubbing and what orbits around it.

This project aims at the redevelopment of an extremely attractive but abandoned location and the promotion of club culture.
The building is developed by following the geometries of the existing pre-existing by creating spaces that can be effective for the management of the complex dynamics of nightclubs; special attention has also been paid to the private area, obtaining spaces that can be used outside the weekend events for cultural promotion.

The project is presented in the form of an editorial book, consisting of an initial research part on sound vibrations, dancing, the history of discos and club culture. Preceding the presentation of the project itself is a photographic selection that visually introduces the suggestions within electronic music clubs and events.

The entire project, ranging from research to the interior and the presentation itself, takes on the deeper narrative of the dynamics of this world that is always considered superficially.

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