The role of ancient architectures in the contemporary world

by: Lucia Giusti

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Lucia Giusti, alumna del corso IAAD. in Interior design

Lucia Giusti

My name is Lucia Giusti, and I am 23 years old. In 2019, I graduated from Copernico High School in Bologna, with a traditional scientific curriculum. An internship experience introduced me to the world of architecture designed for people with mobility difficulties. This, combined with my passion for art, led me to pursue studies in Architecture at the University of Bologna.
After completing the first year at the Cesena campus, I decided to change my path in order to further explore the relationship between humans and the spaces they inhabit. I sought a more professionally-oriented opportunity in the field, which is why I chose IAAD. and aspire to become an Interior Designer. 
I consider myself determined, curious, and drawn to teamwork. Throughout my high school and university years, I believed it was important to enhance my educational journey with numerous extracurricular experiences, including volunteering, seasonal jobs, and assisting and supporting young people and adolescents. It is also thanks to these experiences that I have grown in my relationships with others, in listening skills, and in the ability to organize multiple commitments.

The subject of the thesis concerns the role that ancient architectures can play in the contemporary world. It takes inspiration from the architecture competition promoted by the company YAC, Art Cathedral, a competition aimed at exploring the intersection between art, architecture, and spirituality. The site is located in Ireland, at the ancient priory of Kells, a Gothic-style medieval monastic complex, of which only the ruins remain due to subsequent fire incidents.

Final project

The objective of the competition is to intervene in the space by adapting it into a space for contemporary art.
Art Cathedral should be able to stimulate people’s curiosity and imagination, offering a space for contemplation and inspiration that goes beyond the boundaries of religion and becomes a work of art for all. It should respect the preexistence and evoke that aura of mystery belonging to the medieval Gothic tradition.

Research & development

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