Augmented Reality for a Food&Beverage company: a thesis project in Digital Communication design

by: Michela Wu

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Michela Wu, alumna IAAD. del corso in Digital Communication design

Michela Wu

I am Michela Wu, a digital designer with a wide range of interdisciplinary interests. I enjoy the analytical aspect of digital marketing and the creativity involved in illustration, content creation, and new technologies for virtual experiences. With my Sino-Italian background, I bring fresh and innovative perspectives to the projects I undertake.

I am particularly interested in the food&beverage industry as I aim to merge my professional skills with my passions.

The following project aims to examine the application of augmented reality in the spirits industry and illustrate how this new technology can generate value for brands that seek to differentiate themselves from the competition through innovative positioning. The goal is to offer customers an exclusive experience while creating a closer bond with them. Through in-depth analysis, trends have been identified that can guide The Spiritual Machine company in consolidating its nonconformist and professional identity in the industry. The company operates in the B2B spirits sector and is committed to staying ahead of trends in order to apply this professional knowledge in creating customized spirits brands for its clients.

Final project

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