The power of subtitles: a thesis project in Communication design

by: Luca Nicelli

Il potere espressivo dei sottotitoli al centro del progetto di tesi in Communication design di Luca Nicelli


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Luca Nicelli, alumnus IAAD. del corso in Communication design

Luca Nicelli

I am Luca Nicelli, a graphic designer with a passion for cinema, editorial design, and brand identity.
Always fascinated by the world of graphic design and audiovisual content, I have found in design a way to express myself, and in cinema a constant source of inspiration. I enjoy making connections between the areas that interest me the most, and I define myself as a pragmatic person eager to learn as much as possible about what surrounds me.

Subtitles are an essential tool for people with hearing disabilities to access audiovisual content. Despite their importance, however, they have never received the proper attention in terms of design. The aim of this thesis project is to explore the expressive power of subtitles as a means to communicate all the auditory elements of films. The goal is to develop a subtitling system that enhances the viewing experience for deaf people while remaining invisible to hearing individuals.

Final project

Through testing phases, people with hearing disabilities were involved to identify the most effective methodologies for visually representing characters’ speech manners, their tone of voice, noises, and music.
The project ended with the organization of a film screening and the creation of an editorial project.

Research & development

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