SocialSport: a thesis project in Digital Communication design for DAZN

by: Luca Terlizzi

Scopri SocialSport, il progetto di tesi in Digital Communication design di Luca Terlizzi per DAZN


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Luca Terlizzi, alumnus IAAD. del corso in Digital Communication design

Luca Terlizzi

Solar, determined, resourceful and passionate about design, creativity and technology. Despite my natural shyness, I have a great desire to show the world who I am and what I am worth. My passion for design led me to study, thus expanding my spectrum of expertise in the field.
I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to test myself personally and professionally. My Goal: to make a difference and leave my mark in the field of design.

The project is based on the study, design and prototyping of a mobile service sports theme whose goal is to bring users closer to the world of sports 360.

At the basis of the design process, there is the union of the key concepts that SocialSport brings with it, and on which it is based: Community Solidarity and Sportsmanship.
Then there will be the integration of the service designed within the site: Mondodazn.com, the Loyalty Landing Page owned by DAZN, which the brand makes available to its users, with the aim of creating a loyal community, increasing the traffic and interactions in the website, providing users the opportunity to make their moment of winning sport, for himself and for others.

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