Spreeng, a portable ashtray as thesis project in Product design

by: Giulia Baietto

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Giulia Baietto, alumna IAAD. del corso in Product design

Giulia Baietto

My name is Giulia Baietto, and I am a young Product Designer.
Before embarking on this path at IAAD. I studied languages in high school. I consider myself curious, empathetic, and proactive.
I decided to dedicate myself to design because I have always loved museums and art, and I believe that every project should tell a story, share emotions, and capture attention.
I hope to work abroad in the future, so that I can closely observe different cultures and perspectives on design.

Spreeng is a portable ashtray that aims to address the issue of cigarette butts being daily discarded in nature, causing irreversible damage to flora and fauna. It is made entirely of aluminum, a highly recyclable material that minimizes its environmental impact. The product offers a highly intuitive and simplified user experience, as it can be effortlessly opened and closed with just one hand by rotating the upper ring.

With the welded loop on the top, Spreeng can be adapted to individual needs: it can be worn, used as a keychain, or simply placed on flat surfaces. It is available in three color options: red, blue, and green, allowing users to select according to their aesthetic preferences.

Spreeng can be found in tobacco shops or stores specializing in smoking accessories. By purchasing this product, individuals not only contribute to preserving the environment by adopting a more responsible behavior, but also 10% of the proceeds are donated to associations, promoting the concept of social sustainability.

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