Proximity as a method for building and developing caring communities: a thesis project in Innovation design

by: Giancarlo Del Mundo

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IAAD. Torino


Innovation Design


Giancarlo Del Mundo, alumnus IAAD. del corso in Innovation design

Giancarlo Del Mundo

Hello, my name is Giancarlo, and I’m an Innovation Designer graduated from IAAD. in Turin, which provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in the field of social innovation, design thinking, and service design. I have developed a deep interest in social innovation and community engagement within organizations and institutions. To realize my projects, I have employed various processes that embrace the principles of human-centered design, collaboration, and sustainability. Among different projects, I have had the opportunity to work in teams and collaborate with nationally recognized entities such as Casa del Quartiere, Novacoop, Laboratorio Zanzara, and Fablab Turin. My desire is to create innovative solutions that can have a positive impact on society.

This thesis explores proximity as a method for building and developing caring communities. Drawing on Manzini’s book “Abitare la prossimità” I analyze the city of Turin and the Casa del Quartiere in San Salvario. After an overview of proximity theory and the city of proximity, I assess Turin’s urban environment for its potential to foster proximity values. I also provide an overview of the Network of Neighborhood Houses and Casa del Quartiere in San Salvario. The analysis focuses on proximity within Casa del Quartiere, examining its activities and their impact on fostering proximity.

Final project

In conclusion, this research demonstrates the crucial role of proximity in constructing caring communities. Casa del Quartiere in San Salvario serves as a space that encourages and cultivates proximity through its activities. Promoting proximity within such communities facilitates the creation of a proximity system among residents.

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