Suzuki Machi: a thesis project in Transportation design

by: Roberto Eula

Suzuki Machi: il progetto di tesi in Transportation design in collaborazione con Suzuki


IAAD. Torino


Transportation design


Roberto Eula, alumnus IAAD. del corso in Transportation design

Roberto Eula

My name is Roberto Eula, 21, and I was born and raised in Turin, in northern Italy. After graduating from a scientific high school in Turin, I enrolled in the IAAD – “Istituto di Arte Applicata e Design” to follow my childhood dream and become an automotive designer.
In fact, my passion for design invests all my interests including traveling and visiting exhibitions and museums. Furthermore, I consider myself an experimenter and I am always open to new challenges and new points of view. I would conclude by saying I see cars as the perfect combination of design and formal and artistic beauty.

Suzuki Machi is my BA thesis project in collaboration with Suzuki. The project revolves around the urban car of the future and is developed from the interior, featuring an innovative and unexpected layout for four seats, while the exterior design embodies a compact and versatile vehicle.

The essence of the project can be summarized as designing a mobility solution that creates a personal space for my user, Bruno, which lies halfway between a private and a public space.

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