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OPINIA: the platform for students and entry-level workers

by: Alicja Patrycja Borysewicz

OPINIA, il progetto di tesi in Communication design


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Luca Nicelli, alumnus IAAD. del corso in Communication design

Alicja Patrycja Borysewicz

My name is Alicja Patrycja Borysewicz.
I am passionate about cooking and photography.
Throughout my years in university, I had the opportunity to engage with various disciplines, but the one that resonates with me the most is definitely the strategic aspect.
The path I have taken has allowed me to understand limitations and combine them with creativity, which are essential for the success of any project.

The thesis project focused on the development of a bar and restaurant review platform for university students and entry-level workers with limited purchasing power. OPINIA arises from the desire to give voice to students and their opinions, providing them with a space that allows them to choose the right venues to enjoy their life away from home to the fullest. The platform differentiates itself from competitors through the analysis of the specific and well-defined needs of the target audience, as well as the authenticity of the opinions thanks to supporting tools.
Students will be able to find a safe place to compare, evaluate, and search for the best places to spend their free time with complete serenity and awareness.

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