2E-Second Existence: an initiative for “redesigning” Transportation design

by: Pablo Saucedo Gancedo

2E-Second Existence: un progetto di tesi in Transportation design per rendere il design più sostenibile e umano


IAAD. Torino


Transportation design


Giorgio Monforte, alumnus IAAD. del corso in Transportation design

Pablo Saucedo Gancedo

I’m a 22 year old born and raised in Mexico City.
Bursting with energy and overflowing with passion I have always found a way to share it through hobbies like playing music, crafting projects and now transportation.
Being a transportation designer is my own way of being a hero because during my formation I discovered that vehicles can not only be used to transport people but also a message, a powerful message of any kind that could even change a life.
Maybe one of happiness, nostalgia or even hope.

Take five seconds and look around you. Unless you are in a cabin in the heart of the woods you probably are fully surrounded by perfect machine made furniture, products and architecture. 
For more than a hundred years we have lived in an era of machined perfection, where the more technology advances the less room for humans in the equation there is. Today everybody has felt a shiver in their spine because of the rapid growth and development of artificial intelligence, an adversary with whom you cannot play “survival of the fittest” against. 

Final project

Right there is where 2E-Second Existence comes in. An initiative which has the intention of “redesigning” design not only for the sake of sustainability but for the sake of turning design human and therefore saving humanity by keeping people relevant.

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