Spaghetti Cyphers: documenting the hip hop scene in Italy

by: Silvia Baldo

Spaghetti Cyphers: un progetto di tesi in Communication design sull'importanza di documentare la cultura hip hop italiana


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Silvia Baldo, alumna IAAD. del corso in Communication design

Silvia Baldo

Class 1999, Silvia is an ltalian designer/dancer based in Bologna, ltaly. Both fields have much to take from each others technically and mentally, so she believes that this makes also her strongest difference. 

So we can consider movement as the engine that makes everything work in her life. Silvia in 3 words is discipline, balance, evolution. lf she were a state of matter it would be definitely liquid.

In the squalor and devastation of the Bronx in the mid-1970s, young writers were creating new pieces and bombing the subway lines, the first b-boys were developing a type of dance with acrobatics on the concrete, DJs were organizing improvised parties in the streets, and MCs were using the microphone and their linguistic mastery to tell new worlds, new experiences, and the pursuit of a new life.

Thus, hip-hop was born: a cultural phenomenon that, in its 50 years of existence, has professed love, peace, and unity.
When we talk about hip-hop dance today, the Italian street dance community is buzzing: there are different realities, events, and people revolving around it, but despite this, the historical and visual documentation of how this culture has arrived and evolved in the contemporary scene is scarce, unlike other European countries.

Many are part of it, but few speak about it. Disseminating and documenting the scene has become my mission and a contribution to the evolution of the culture.

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