Being IAAD. Being CreaativƏ Extraa OrdinaariƏ

The first IAAD. communications campaign

Essere IAAD. La prima campagna di comunicazione dell'Istituto d'Arte Applicata e Design




This communication campaign is a tribute to extra ordinary creativity: the images with which the Institute of Applied Art and Design chooses to promote itself are designed to define and illustrate a series of values and concepts which are considered the basis of its essence.

The underlying message is positive, stimulating, ambitious; the motto “BEING IAAD.”, intended as a firm declaration of identity equivalent to a creed, refers at the same time to the figure of the human being who is considered central to the Institute’s underlying mission and coincides with that of a “CREAATIVƏ EXTRAA ORDINAARIƏ“, that is to say, a person animated by a passion and a design intention of exceptional intensity.
The phrase, in its entirety, responds to the rules of a new grammar which substitutes all the single “A“s with the double “AA” contained in the name IAAD., underlining a specific and differentiating identity, whilst at the same time evoking the recurring international acronym which refers to the highest standards of quality.
The protagonists of the images of the new campaign – all students on IAAD. courses – are portrayed in apparently unnatural or irregular postures, through a series of snapshots which capture a moment of a free and strongly communicative dance: it is through this original gestural expressiveness which each individual elaborates and shares with the audience his own expressive code, equivalent to a subjective and meaningful idea of design.

The sequence of images is shot against an entirely monochrome backdrop, a bright green which symbolises an ecological commitment and refers to the idea of the Green Screen, a backdrop on which any image can appear by means of the Chroma Key overlay technique; conceptually, this backdrop therefore contains the infinite repertoire of spaces – and worlds – which IAAD creatives can create and produce through their design talent and aptitude for invention.

In some of the graphic poses of the campaign, white pictogram-strings derived from the design of the official IAAD. trademark appear on the intensely green field of the background and associated with the silhouettes of the various subjects portrayed, rhythmic visual elements which alternate with the textual message of the entire campaign: a highly distinctive sign of the Institute unfolds in this context to mark the presence of its identity.

In the animated version, the images of the communication campaign are accompanied by a series of original sounds composed for the occasion, which contain the double ‘AA’ chant; following a reasoning entirely similar to that of the backdrop, which conceptually contains an infinite range of design solutions and environments, the six variants of the same musical theme are structured to encompass an interval between 110 and 140 BPM, the ‘beats per minute’ which define the unit of frequency of a piece of music and which in this case, in an assembled manner, cover the entire rhythmic spectrum of the soundscape which characterises the ‘musical mood’ of our contemporaneity.

The first IAAD. campaign is the result of synergetic creative work: the Art Direction and Graphic Design are by BRH+, the photographs by Ivan Cazzola and the music by Liede, who have repeatedly confronted the expressive needs and values of the Institute of Applied Art and Design and interacted with its community to bring to fruition a highly ambitious creative communication process.


Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò are architects, designers and independent curators. In 2002 they establish BRH+, a studio devoted to theoretical research, critical thinking and planning practice open to the convergence of disciplines. They are curators of the talent scouting and educational-training program IN Residence.

Ivan Cazzola

Ivan Cazzola is an Italian photographer who’s been working longtime for magazines and fashion brands from Milan, London, Paris and New York;
a versatile artist working also as documentary, short film and video director, Ivan has built up his own vision and style through his life experiences and a personal eye catching intimate, original yet always ironic and provoking point of view.
Swinging constantly between the fashion industry and the natural exploration of other much closer and autobiographical realities from his own hood shooting models, artists, rock bands,cinema stars, and a lot more. It’s all the same matter of raw beauty and present moment to catch.
The last months have seen him working on his first movie and setting up a new exhibition to show his best shots from American and European cities and landscapes.


Liede is Francesco Roccati, an Italian songwriter and author from Turin.

In 2016 he released his debut album, “Stare Bravi”, that led to a non-stop tour all over Italy for almost three years.

The single “Corsica” in the summer of 2017 was programmed by Radio Deejay and Radio2.

During the summer of 2021 he recorded a new album, and began touring again opening Samuel’s Elettronica Club Tour 2022. That was the beginning of the collaboration with Kashmir Music.

The new album which came out on January 10, 2023 is “TESTACODA”, produced by Ale Bavo, mixed by Marco “Cipo” Calliari and mastered by Simone Squillario.

In January 2023 he entered as an author the Sony Music Publishing roster.

In February 2023 he signed “Parole dette male”, the song that Giorgia brought to the Sanremo Festival 2023. He is actually on tour promoting his newborn album.

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